Monday December 18, 2017

So far in our gofundme campaign, we have reached a total of $5,775.00 out of our total goal of $30,000.00.  That goal is quite a ways away, but we are slowly earning more money with donations here and there and gaining some funds from merchandise sales.  We are steadily putting out the gofundme and the merchandise to keep it fresh in everyone's mind, however the ULTIMATE goal has been to get a café open, serve coffee, and showcase what we have been discussing.  

At this point in time, there is officially a location set in mind that looks like it is "a go" here in Hollister.  The process now goes from searching for a location to configuring how exactly to set this up in this space: how exactly everything will look, feel, sound, and smell.  I have very specific ideas that I really want to see come to fruition, and some of that involves the overall aesthetics of the café as well as small details involving café/bar flow.  There are so many details involved that all at once it is hard to structure everything in a particular order, but what I do know is that I have to figure out what exactly the café is going to look like.  I need time to sit and just imagine it, before I write anything down.  I want my focus to be on what my vision is and try to create that.  So from here on out I plan on compartmentalizing the most important pieces of what needs to be done and then trickling down all the way to what types of cups I am going to have (smaller details).  

My café is not going to be large in size, because I don't necessarily want a large café.  I have not seen in my vision a large space with lots of seating and open area.  The café will have somewhere between 15-20 seats including bartop seating as well as some smaller tables.  I wish I could give out more details of what I want to do in this space, but I will just leave that up to everybody to check out as we progress and when we open.  The difficult part right now as I mentioned before is placing everything into a list as what needs to be done, but this stressful/uncertain part of the process is supposed to be super fun, right?  Although it is stressful it is really fun, because this is what I have been waiting for.  All of the work and preparation up until this point is all for the final result, and although my stomach is in knots, I am ready.  I hope all of you are too!!!!!

The link to my gofundme is right here

If you would like to donate, share, or tell your friends I would greatly appreciate that.  We still have a lot of merch in the website so be sure to check it out in the merchandise section of the site! Thank you!


Evan Morris