Coffee, Music, Arcade Games

Monday January 29, 2018


In my life I correlate a couple of different things together and those things include music, coffee, arcade games, conversation, and fun.  Music is not only something that I listen to everyday whether I am in the car, at work, or writing blogs.  Music is something to set the scene, invoke a feeling, or just play in the background.  Either way, music is extremely important in my everyday life and I have chosen to do what a lot of other cafés have already done and that is, to spin vinyl.  I have been collecting albums, very slowly since the age of 15 or so, and I have been very particular in my collection.  I love the idea of having a physical copy of something instead of a playlist on some website.  I understand that records take up space, you have to replace the needle, and over time records get warped.  However, the idea of playing records, having personal collections, sharing, hosting records swaps, and all of these other possibilities are things that I love.  There are so many albums that are out there that haven't been discovered, are not on itunes, rhapsody or whatever else.  Records tell a story and having a physical copy of music, with the artwork, different colored vinyl, and being able to hear the completely different sound is pretty special.  

I have always been a collector, and another part of my collections have been arcade cabinets.  For the last 7 years or so I have been rebuilding, collecting, and messing with arcade cabinets.  I have a memory of going into pizza parlors as a kid and going straight for the arcade so when I got older I decided to find one and fix them up to have all of the games that I played as a kid.  I have always thought it would be cool to bring something retro like an arcade cabinet into a café for a few people to go down that nostalgic road.  Those things are obviously not huge draws for anybody to come into a café over another one, but what little things like that do is differentiate my café from others.  Those are just additional and interesting aspects to my café that I want to people to walk in and see to know that they are for sure in my shop.  The arcade cabinet I will most likely be putting in my shop is a sit down Astro City Sega Cabinet that I refurbished with games like Street Fighter, Simpsons, TMNT, and all the fun classics.  If you are interested in arcade cabinets check out the link below along with the gofundme and the merch. 

When you combine these two components with coffee that to me creates a pretty fun environment with tons of conversation and a lively shop.  I love providing different things for people to talk about and experience.  When I talk about records, arcades, and other things that not everybody has it can be pretty intriguing for both collectors and non-collectors alike.  Either way I just want to provide these things for people to come into the café and see and be struck with curiosity, conversation, and enjoy simple things like the music that is playing or the games in the cabinet.  Little things like that are fun and create a different environment for everyone.  Stay updated for what is son to come here shortly!! Morris