Our New Location

Hello all,

We have officially moved into our new location. We are now in collaboration with Farmhouse Café, so we run the front of house, rip delicious coffee and put out their food items.

What is different about Farmhouse?

For anybody who has eaten at Farmhouse Café, one thing is for sure- Their food is delicious, it is organic, and it is all locally sourced. Prior to us opening Farmhouse was a sit down, eatery with breakfast and lunch items. The transition for Farmhouse is to be as efficient as possible on the food side of things, to match the speed at which somebody could receive their coffee. We want everyone to know that the food quality is still the same, made and prepared daily- it’s just quicker. The food menu is still being worked on, but for the time being we are putting out items to see what sells and put more out that customers enjoy. We are leaning towards a grab and go, counter service style of business to ensure that we are being as efficient as possible. We will be taking all orders in house, so even though you won’t be able to call your order in you will know that our food case will be full of options as well as a daily soup and a few sandwiches that can made to order.

How do we, Calavera Coffee fit in?

It is pretty simple, we are our own business, serving coffee and taking all orders that come in. We are a multi-roaster coffee spot that has a revolving door of delicious coffee from a variety of coffee roasters. Our primary companies that we will always have are Vertigo Coffee from San Juan Bautista as well as Cat & Cloud Coffee from Santa Cruz. We want to establish a specialty coffee culture in Hollister and we want the community to take part in that. We focus on a direct approach to serve the best quality coffee we can. We have a unique line of merchandise that is designed mostly by our staff and conveys our one and only “Calavera” or skull.

We look forward to serving the community delicious coffee and locally sourced and organic food. Thank you!