Wednesday February 28, 2018

We finally have a spot! So, now what?? 


Our location is going to be inside "The Garden Shoppe," a collaboration with a local garden shop with succulents, beer, wine, and a nice outdoor patio.  The owner, Marci Huston converted a 150 year-old home located at 364 7th Street in downtown Hollister, into her quaint shop that was newly opened at the end of last year.  Marci strives to bring in new ideas and part of that is bringing in a specialty coffee espresso bar.  I approached her recently to discuss the idea of using a barista capsule designed by Capsule Manufacturing, a self-contained espresso cart that serves as either a stationary or mobile business.  I will be a taking a portion of the building and serving a small menu of mainly espresso drinks, pour overs, specialty items.  

What To Expect

Our spot will be small, and in the actual area where we will be serving coffee everything will be to-go, until we can figure out what exactly we want to do.  Our goal is to get people in for some conversation, walk around the shop, and out in the back garden area.  (We'll probably have some demitasse cups and gibraltars though, in case you want a quick espresso/macchiato).  This brings me to my next point, what will our menu look like?  Our menu will have following: espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, americano, latté (with a sweet option), mocha (Drink CACOCO), Chai Latté, Hot chocolate.  We will also implement occasional special menu items.  Eventually a small nitro bar menu like cold brew, chai, etc.  I also want the menu to be very simple and easy to order from, because we believe in what we will have to offer and that includes the people we will be working with.  The simpler, the better in my opinion, and we are super proud to work with the companies we are partnering up with.  Hours are still to be determined as well as our opening date.  


Since we are in fact a multi-roaster, there is no limit to whose coffee we can feature on our menu, however the majority of the time we will be exclusively serving coffee from our friends at Vertigo Coffee Roasters as well as Cat & Cloud Coffee.  We believe in these companies and what they stand for.  As we have mentioned before these companies are dear to our heart and we have the utmost respect for both of them.  There are some new companies that we are really excited to start working with.  Capsule Manufacturing is a California based company who will be creating and customizing our very own espresso bar for us.  Capsules are specifically made to either be a permanent or mobile set-up and we can't wait to sit down and design it.  Superwow Factory out of Santa Cruz is a company who will be doing our decals, signage, and other things for us.  You can see some of their products in our website (all of our stickers).  They have been a huge help to us and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.  Drink CACOCO is another company where we will be getting all of our chocolate based products for mochas, hot chocolates, and sipping hot chocolates.  They are another Santa Cruz based company and we can't wait to serve their products at our spot.  We look forward to working with any future companies who align with our vision and goals.


Once we design our capsule, get all of the permitting, and finalize everything we will be open in no time.  At this point we are just going to be putting together our last bit of planning into our buildout and set-up.  For all of you who have donated to the gofundme, we greatly appreciate you and you have truly taken a part in this with us.  We will be using the gofundme funds for our capsule and equipment.  For those of who still want to donate or share the gofundme, it will be up until the end of May and after that we will cut it off.  The gofundme has been a huge catalyst in getting our names out there and we really truly cannot thank you all enough.  Seeing the vast amount of support for us has been an eye opener and that we are doing the right thing, for our city specifically.  We can't wait to be open and work in tandem with the Garden Shoppe to make some really cool things happen in the downtown area of Hollister.  I encourage all of you to go check out the Garden Shoppe and support this business, because they have created a very unique place and it will only get better from there.  Be ready for some weekly updates about where we are at!!! THANK YOU ALL!