Working with Others, New Design, the Importance of Collaboration

Tuesday February 6, 2018

First and foremost, I would like to announce that a new design for our Calavera Coffee merchandise has just been finished and sent over to me by Matt Reid, an incredible artist from Sydney Australia.  I would like to thank Matt for doing such an incredible job. I had been following Matt on instagram and watching all of his work, from his vapid skeletal designs to all of his intricate detailed line work and collaborations with other artists.  I knew exactly what I wanted him to design for Calavera so I got in contact with him to have him start this design.  With my luck he responded super quickly and finished the design in no time, updating me along the way. This was amazing because the design looks so detailed and tricky, and he was able to crush it within weeks.  That just speaks to him as an artist and as a person, he put in the time and work and completed this amazing design.  He is a professional and I would have never in a million years been able to create what he did.  Because I was blown away with his talent I connected with him and as a result I wanted you all the blown away.  That's what I think is important, finding talent in others and being able to utilize their talent and work together.  

That is why working with others is so important, because when you can look to others who are professionals in their field you know that what you are outsourcing to them won't just get done, but it will get done right.  I am a strong believer in looking to showcase other people's talents and by collaborating with people like Matt and others alike you can be proud of the results of their hard work.  I think that having an artist's work as part of my company, especially somebody from the other side of the world is just more conversation to have, more connections made, and makes the world a little bit of a smaller place.  I have been trying a lot harder on connecting more with people and reaching out, because when I have not done that in the past, it has left me a feeling of wonder or a tiny bit of remorse.  By connecting him to my company I have connected people who know me to him and vice versa.   

For a lot of companies or people, time and money are such a large setback in getting there right things done and results in people either trying to do something themselves that they are not comfortable with.  In the end, the result will not be quite what it could have been and you may even have to do it over.  I believe in being self-sufficient and taking responsibility in creating for yourself, but I also believe in knowing when I am not capable of doing something as well as somebody else.  It is a very gratifying feeling when you are able to work alongside people and see real results.  Working together with people is a super celebratory thing.  When you believe in one another and build a trust it puts everything into perspective and trusting others with work is where everybody succeeds.  Whenever you try to do everything yourself, there are inconsistencies and rifts.  I want to prevent those rifts from becoming large problems and I want to believe in others as much as i believe in myself.  The same goes for me and my company, I want people to believe in me and trust in my judgement of my profession, coffee. I HAVE ATTACHED MATT REID'S DESIGN DOWN BELOW!