Monday March 26, 2018

Updates on what is going!  So, for the past few weeks I have been either out of town or running around getting things done in my free-time, that being said.. Our bar is being built out and should be here by mid-April, Nisha Sethi is working on some beautiful hand painted signs (I'll update you more on her below), we are just waiting to get the bar and set it up in The Garden Shoppe so we can figure out all of the details.  

We have had the pleasure of working with Nisha Sethi, an artist and activist from Los Angeles who does lettering, hand painted signs and does a lot of activist work for her community and all over California.  This past week, Nisha was not only featured on VICE, but Miley Cyrus reposted her "No More Silence! End Gun Violence." sign on her instagram page.  This is a huge deal, because Nisha is able to spread her message and empower everybody around her and especially when her following sees support and advocacy from people with an even larger following.  I was just super stoked to see that and very happy for her, so go check out her instagram page! 

Our capsule bar, I can now say will be set-up in mid-April and from there we will buildout everything around it that we will need for our espresso bar to function.  Capsule Mfg. is currently building it and I can't wait to get it going!  We have been very lucky to be working with such a helpful and proactive company.  I will not tell how the bar will look cause you will all see soon enough, but its going to be super clean!  If all goes according to plan we are LOOKIN AT JUNE TO BE OPEN!!!!

Cat and Cloud and Vertigo will be our featured roasters not only at first, but those are our starters and we are committed to serving their coffee and making these companies proud of what we are doing.  Our coffee bar will be set-up to serve the best coffee around and our goal is to be as helpful and pleasant as possible, We want people in The Garden Shoppe to come in, grab some coffee, hang out, walk around and be excited to come back.  We want to create a warm and gracious environment and collaborate with a business that we really feel is providing something unlike anything in the area.  We are so ecstatic to update you on whats yet to come, but that will have to wait a few more weeks!

Our gofundme will be open until May 1st, we want to thank everybody who shared, donated, and supported our gofundme, because it has been essential in helping us get some equipment and gotten us that much closer to the ultimate goal.  Our merchandise is still all there and ready to be swooped up, so if you would like a mug, pins, stickers or anything please visit the site- merchandise and place your order.