Tuesday March 6, 2018

Happy March everybody!

So, we have a location at The Garden Shoppe in Hollister which I am super excited about and as I have mentioned before our set-up will simple and to the point.  We will have a small and deliberate menu focusing mainly on espresso and other little specialty items (don't want to give too much away right now).  I want to be able to serve some drip as well so I'm going to figure that in eventually.  Everything at first will be to-go, but obviously our goal is to get people to hang around for a bit and check out the rest of the shop.  If you are just going to run really quick for a cup of coffee that is also completely fine!  We want to be able to provide both services.

I ordered the "capsule" on Friday so that is being built as we speak.  If you are not familiar with Capsule Mfg. they are a California based company who builds and customizes mobile/permanent bar set-ups for cafés and they are an amazing company to work with.  Shout out to Toby and Amanda at Capsule who walked me through the process and got me all set-up with everything.  I won't speak too much on what exactly I have coming from Capsule, because I want it to surprise everybody, but what I can say is that we will be running our La Marzocco 2-Group Linea MP as well as our Mazzer Robur grinder on it, ready to rip some shots.  

We are also working with Nisha Sembi, who is going to be hand painting some signs for us and we can't wait to work out the details there and see what she can come up with.  We want to try our best to compliment the Garden Shoppe and create a nice little piece inside the business.  We hope to get our set-up going soon and work out all the details!  More to come soon!